Tips on Moving Senior Citizens into a new Home

Moving the elderly is never easy because they have problems with changing environments.  There is a fear of the unknown factor associated with moving senior citizens.  Here are some tips that might help if you are moving your parents, aunts, or senior loved ones into a new setting.  You might think the job is done when they are moved, but is it?  Remember your involvement will continue as they adjust to new surroundings.  Whether you move them nearby or a distance away, they still consider you a primary caregiver.  Follow these guidelines that will make the transition smooth and promote harmony.

Plan the move and set up the environment because most parents benefit more when you provide them with assistance.  Creating a new home can be very emotional and ensuring good choices rather than issuing orders may create a better sense of comfort for senior citizens.  It might be helpful to encourage a meaningful farewell from wherever the senior is leaving from.  Remember your seniors have established relationships with people for decades and a hasty move into assisted living can be scary for seniors.

Let them hang on to their stuff a bit longer, even if space is tight.  Possessions can be thrown out later after thoughtful thinking.  Never rush seniors when they are moving because this causes them to become cranky and disorientated.  People will mourn their lost home and belongings.  This is a very difficult time when seniors realize they have to move into a facility or the home of their children.

Establish a familiar environment by using the furniture they were used to.  Buying new furniture will only confuse them more.  When they wake up and see familiar belongings, they will start to feel more at ease.  People of all ages carry sentimental value that is different than your sentiments.   Make sure you and your senior have carefully reviewed any documents from an assisted living home.  Include them in everything if you can and make sure they know the difference between a nurse, aide and resident assistant.

Find out who the primary point person is so you know who to ask to help your senior have things that they need fixed or items that they need delivered to them.  Many seniors are afraid to ask and many seniors are ignored in assisted living units.  Make sure to talk to the director and find out how they are adjusting.  Are they eating?  Are they socializing and so on?

Assisted living is different in each state so doesn’t be a pest for the staff.  Be polite and ask questions about mom or dad’s medication.  Make sure they are getting the medication on time.   Every senior is like a fingerprint so they are unique.  Remember to offer to help the staff if they are busy.  Mom or dad might not have enjoyed dinner and want a snack.  Children of the elderly can visit around the clock to visit their loved ones.



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