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Car Shipping Services:

What You Can Expect

Whether you’re shipping just a vehicle or moving your car and your household belongings, we can help. Check out what Mayflower has to offer:

Service for all personal motor vehicles, including specialty and antique autos
Personal move coordination
On-time pickup and delivery
Pricing, delivery date and equipment options
Protection coverage options
When you choose to ship a car with Mayflower you are assigned a personal coordinator to help you process paperwork, scheduling and billing every step of the way.  Your coordinator will help you schedule your pickup, load and delivery times.

Door to Door Shipping

If you select Mayflower's door-to-door car shipping service our driver will pick up and deliver your vehicle at your home or office if possible.

Mayflower only offers door-to-door car shipping service when it is permitted by local communities.  If your neighborhood bans oversize vehicles from making deliveries, your Mayflower coordinator will inform you of alte…

How to Make a Family Budget Work Better:

Let’s be honest: there are about a hundred things you’d rather do with your family than create a household budget. Those things include housecleaning, math homework, and a whole lot of other things — but having a household budget and sticking to it are critical elements of keeping your family happy, healthy, and stress-free. Here are our tips to get started.
How to plan a household budget It doesn’t seem like it should be that complicated but if you’re starting from scratch, it may feel daunting. So we’ll break it down. Step one: get clear on what you’re currently spending. Do you know exactly what your bills are each month? How much are you spending on your mortgage or rent, utilities, groceries, transportation, and so on? You may need to spend some time tracking your expenses if you don’t already have this information handy. Then, download our favorite budget worksheet and start filling in the columns! This worksheet is simple and will do a lot of the work for you if you take the t…

Moving Check-list form Spartan Movers:

Jul 24

0 comments Moving Check-list form Spartan Movers Two Months Out Call Spartan Los Angeles Moving Company for an estimate and to schedule your move. (Summer weekends often book months in advance. Book early so you won’t be disappointed!) Start to inventory and evaluate your belongings, including items in your attic, basement, storage shed, etc. Is there anything you can donate or sell?
Make arrangements for storage services. Begin using items that you won’t be able to move such as cleaning products and frozen food. Make a list of people to notify of your new address including friends, family, subscriptions, creditors, etc. One Month Out Notify utilities (cable, phone, electricity, etc.) of your service shutoff date.
Arrange for insurance in your new location. Make travel arrangements for the day of your move. (Don’t make plane reservations for the actual day of your move. Give yourself 1-2 days cushion to handle any unexpected events.) Purchase moving supplies includi…