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7 Tips for Tenants on Moving Day:

You’ve read our tenant’s ultimate moving checklist and you’ve been preparing for your upcoming move. You’ve contacted your utility companies, changed your address, and updated your renters insurance. But as moving day gets closer, there are a few more things you’ll need to do. Our tips below will help prepare you for a smooth moving day. We want to make sure you avoid some common moving day nightmares. We’ve heard from tenants who are all set to move and then can’t get into their new place because they never made sure their keys worked. It’s also common for tenants to have a moving truck, but no place to park. We want to make sure this doesn’t happen on your moving day. Check out our 7 tips to prepare for your big move. Before moving day Schedule Professional Movers We recommend hiring professional movers. Professional movers ensure your moving day will go well for a few reasons. First, they have all the right supplies. They have boxes, wardrobe boxes, tape, moving dollies, trucks, a r…

Massachusetts Should Raise its Net Energy Metering Caps:

Massachusetts is at a crossroads. To keep the state’s solar market moving, the Massachusetts State Legislature must raise the state’s net energy metering caps before the year is out. Despite progress being made to finalize the new incentive program by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER), called Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART), the Legislature must act to keep support for solar projects intact. A little background. The Commonwealth helps customers pay for solar projects through two mechanisms. First, Massachusetts provides an incentive for solar projects through the Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC 2) trading program. Second, through net energy metering (NEM), solar customers can cover the costs of their own electricity needs, as well as receive fair compensation for any excess energy they are sending back to the grid.  Working hand in hand, these dual measures have helped create nearly 15,000 solar jobs in Massachusetts. That is an impressive number, b…


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Some useful tips to help you get ready for moving:
Deciding on the Moving Date - It is important to have the date of your move planned in advance because moving companies have busy times and may be booked when you want to move. So, you will want to get it scheduled in advance. Selecting the Best Moving - Company Selecting a reliable moving company is vital in an effort to avoid a possible disaster. Ask for a written proposal for your move and ask if it is binding or not. Also, ask for references of other people or businesses they have moved. This wa…