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2 Month Preparation Plan for Your Long Distance Move

If you have an upcoming move, especially an interstate move where you are moving a long distance, it is of critical importance to have a well thought out plan. While local moves also require good planning, you don’t typically have as many things to think about as you do with a long distance move. If you forget something with a local move, the travel time is not an issue like with an interstate move. With over 100 years of moving experience, Palmer Moving Services is the moving company that understands what it takes to have a successful long distance move. This guide will provide you with a high level planning timeline and a list of key things you should accomplish for your move that starts about 2 months before your anticipated move date. For even more information on specifics of packing and the moving process, please consult our in-depth moving guide.  Two Months Prior to Move
Starting at about 2 months before your planned departure, begin to get yourself organized. A good way to do …

Your Comprehensive Guide to Moving for a New Job (Without All That Stress)

If you’ve ever moved for a job, you know how many itty, bitty details are involved. Depending on how far you’re going—crossing state lines or just heading a few cities over, going abroad, or to the opposite coast—you’re going to want to be as organized as possible so you keep your sanity, along with your new job. Moving for work is a different game than simply moving, typically because the timeline involved in taking a job in a new location is a lot shorter than when you decide on a change of scenery and then focus on getting the new position. Whether you have three months to get everything squared away or a mere three weeks, the comprehensive cheat sheet below will hopefully help make it as seamless as possible. 
Ask About Relocation Costs Like negotiating a job offer, this one can be tricky. A lot of people may be unwilling or disinclined to ask about financial relocation assistance because they don’t want to seem greedy or demanding. But ask yourself, what’s the absolute worst thin…

Apartment Moving Tips You Need In The Heat Of Summer

The summer can be a great time to move. Clear skies, warm weather and long days are all common during the summer months, creating great conditions to go from your old apartment to your new one. However, summer can also bring extreme heat, thunderstorms and other hazards that you need to account for. With these quick tips, you'll be better prepared for anything the season throws at you. Handling the heat and managing laborWork with your apartment movers by getting in touch as early as possible to select a moving time either early or late in the day to avoid exposure to the hottest temperatures.Wear loose clothes made of breathable fabrics, like cotton and linen.Bring along a large water bottle or jug of water and refill it during the day. The average person needs roughly three liters of water per day to stay hydrated and more if they engage in strenuous work or sweat due to the temperature.Spread your work out ahead of time. An hour or so of work for the two weeks before the move …

5 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Increasing Your Curb Appeal Can Fetch You More MoneySelling a home involves a broad array of vital details. Before you start looking for San Ramon moving companies to help with your next move, you may need to sell the home you currently occupy. When you do this, curb appeal is important. You don’t need to spend a fortune on increasing the exterior of your home; in fact, you can add a variety of touches that are relatively affordable. By giving your property a cosmetic upgrade, you may be able to secure a better price for it than you first imagined. Consider the following strategies for curb appeal success:Start with the Front of Your HouseThe front door is one of the first details people notice upon entry. If the door has not been painted in many years, or if it shows signs of wear, now is the time to repaint it. You might want to use a bold new color for added charm. When you finish with the door, try repainting the address in a vibrant hue that complements the rest of the house. Chang…

How to prepare to move out of state? Read more:

Moving to another state of the country requires careful preparation and meticulous planning so that your out of state move can be crowned with the type of success you would love to achieve. If you want things to go smoothly from start to end, you can’t just plan out the entire move randomly and act it out by improvising the preparation steps as Moving day draws nearer and nearer. Actually, you can do it, but then you run the risk of facing the consequences of a chaotic, stressful and overly expensive move to another state.

Have in mind that the easiest way to move out of state is to follow highly logical and consecutive steps which will get you 100% ready for the upcoming interstate relocation. And then, when you know that you are well prepared for the big day, you will be able to reduce significantly the harmful levels of moving stress during that unique transitional period.

So, how to get ready to move out of state? Pay attention to the following moving out of state tips arranged in 7…

What to Know Before Moving to Chicago

So, you’re moving to Chicago. Whether it be for work or pleasure, there are many great features this beautiful city has to offer. But keep in mind that like all cities, Chicago is not perfect; it will have its advantages as well as disadvantages. So, it’s important to know what you will be moving into beforehand to avoid unexpected surprises when you get there. In a nutshell, if you love diversity, exploring different cultures, sports, and art, but don’t mind the cold, this city is the one for you. Here are some more tips on what to know before moving to Chicago. 1. Get used to the ColdEven if you are from the Midwest, Chicago winters can be more brutal than you expect. They surely don’t call it the Windy City for nothing, so in addition to sub-zero temperatures in January, nothing will scream cold with the burst of wind coming from all directions. You will also find yourself missing the sun after leaving work, making it feel later earlier in the day. Despite many indoor and winter ac…