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Walnut Creek: Safeway, residents' group settle over The Orchards project:

Opponents of a new Safeway development in eastern Walnut Creek agreed to drop a lawsuit in exchange for $125,000 from the grocery giant. In July, a group called Friends of Walnut Creek filed a lawsuit in Contra Costa Superior Court against Safeway; its development company, PDC; and the city of Walnut Creek, challenging the environmental impact report and approval of The Orchards. Already under construction, The Orchards is a 24-acre project at the intersection of Ygnacio Valley and Oak Grove roads set to include a new 55,000-square-foot Safeway store and other shops, plus open space and senior housing. The City council approved the project June 17. The crux of the group's argument was that the city illegally committed to the project before the public could offer its opinions and that the environmental impact report failed to address serious project impacts such as how the opening of a new Safeway store would affect the nearby Nob Hill supermarket and the effect on the neighborhoo…

When is Shipping via Enclosed Transport Worth the Extra Money?

For the majority of people, shipping a car via an enclosed carrier is not worth the extra cost, typically 25%-40% more. While shipping via an open carrier exposes your vehicle to the elements, the likelihood of any damage is low. However, there are instances in which people do choose pay the extra money. The types of vehicles that are most often shipped via enclosed transport include: Restored antique cars (e.g. 1957 Chevy, 1938 Ford Coupe) High-end sports cars (e.g. Maserati, Lamborghini) Luxury vehicles (e.g. Rolls Royce, Bentley) While most auto transport companies do offer enclosed shipping, you may want to look into companies that specialize in transporting high-end or classic vehicles, if that is the type of car you will be shipping. Visit the Enclosed Auto Transportsection of to see a list of these specialized auto transport companies. Ultimately, whether you choose to ship via an open or enclosed carrier is up to you. Even if your car ddoesn'tnecessarily fit w…

14 Proven Moving Day Tips that Work:

Moving day is one of the stressful days in one’s life. Many of you are now
asking the question how troublesome a moving day can be, but only people who
have already moved can understand. Usually, the moving day is underestimated, as
it is the final step of the relocation process. You have found a professional
moving company after researching a list of licensed movers, dates are booked and
everything seems to happen so effortlessly. However, moving day seems to
be the most problematic and annoying one during the whole relocation

Beware that overlooking minor details can cause a total mess. Since, as the
moving day is approaching you are getting more annoyed, you should be well
organized to avoid making a mistake. Inspired by the numerous horror stories
about the moving day, I am offering you easy to follow moving day checklist with
essentials that will safe you a lot of troubles.

Moving Day Checklist

Wake up early on the moving day.
Plan your time, so you
can get up …

4 Tips for a Money-Saving Move:

Moving into a new home and a new city is exciting. But the actual moving process? Not so much.
On top of being time consuming and a hassle, moving can be expensive, too. So take some time to plan ahead and save some cash with these tips for a money-saving move.
1. Pick the right moving method The most common ways to move including the following methods:
Hire a mover to load all your goods onto a truck, drive to your spot and move everything. This is often the most convenient option. However, it’s usually the most expensive option.Rent a moving van or truck, load it up, drive it and unload it yourself. This is the most time consuming and most labor-intensive option. But if you’re moving somewhere close by, it’s the cheapest. Just be sure to budget for gas.Load your items into a moving container yourself and have it shipped to your new area, then unload them yourself. Costs depend on how far you need to move and how long you want to keep your items in storage for. However you decide to m…

Top 10 Fix-ups to sell Your House:

From curbside to the inside, show your home at its best When you're ready to sell your home, make sure potential buyers see it at its best. Here are the top ways to fix up the appearance of your home without investing a lot of money. A little time and effort now will pay big dividends at closing.
Landscaping Trim the grass and make sure all flowerbeds are freshly mulched and free of weeds. Prune overgrown shrubs, especially if they're hiding windows or blocking the entryway.
Gutters and Fences Reinforce sagging gutters and straighten crooked fences. Make sure the gutters are cleared of obstructions and the soil isn't washed out around downspouts. A quick power washing will brighten fences.
Driveway and Walkways Clear away clutter like bikes, tools and toys. Use weed killer on grass and weeds that sprout in pavement cracks. Keep edges neat with a weed eater or edger.
Front Door Freshen the door and trim with a new coat of paint. Tighten loose doorknob…

First-time Homebuyer Mistakes:

Not Understanding Housing Market Trends:

Even with a clear idea of their own financial status -- what they can afford and how trustworthy they will appear to a lending institution -- many people fail to pay attention to the big picture. If you're anxious to buy now just because of your own financial situation or restrict yourself to a particular location, you may not see the forest for the trees.
The housing market isn't static -- it fluctuates. Sometimes it favors those looking to buy -- a buyers' market. Other times it favors those looking to sell -- a sellers' market. To understand why these shifts happen, let's look at the contributing factors, like supply and demand. Inhabitable or desirable housing can be scarce or in surplus. Low supply increases demand -- and prices -- to favor sellers. On the flip side, when supply is high and there are more houses on the market than buyers, the situation favors buyers. Other factors include interest rates, consumer confi…

Top 5 Tips: How to Live With Your Parents Again:

Going back to the room you had as a teenager will be a new experience for you now!
Are you thinking about moving back in with your parents? Whether that is after college, a breakup, divorce, with a baby or a family, at the age of 30, 40 or any other age, because you want to save money, you don’t have a job, you want to take care of your elderly parents, or for any other reason, here you will find useful tips to help you take the decision to move and also help you cope once you have relocated back to your parents’ home. Moving back into your parents house may not be your biggest dream or wish right now, but even if it is something that you want very much, there are a few things to consider before the move; things that will make your relocation easier for everyone. Is moving back in with parents a good idea? Check out these 5 great tips on moving back into your parents’ house.

Tips on Moving Back in With Parents

Set some rules for everyone. On the one hand, you may not be a little girl or …

3 Types of Moving Estimates: What You Need to Know:

When it’s time to move, cost is a big concern. No consumer ever wants to feel like they’re the mark in someone else’s scam. Obtaining an accurate moving estimate is no different. The type of estimate you receive from your movers goes a long way in ensuring your peace of mind. You should feel confident with your mover and with the expected cost. To help the process along, you need to provide any estimator with an accurate accounting of all your possessions. Make sure the estimator knows about every item you plan to move—especially any large, heavy stuff you’ve accumulated. Also, let your estimator know if you have extra stuff in your attic, garage, or shed. The more information you provide, the more accurate your estimate will be. Here’s how the two most common types of moves are estimated: 1. For a local move, you’ll likely pay per-hour charges. Variables include how many movers will be required on the crew and the number/size of vehicles your move will require. 2. For a long-distance …

Plan for select the right Piano Movers Company:

Piano is among st the most valuable and additionally immoderate clarinet. In the event that you are getting ready for you to move this clarinet in an extremely unique spot or to an alternate making you'd require the administration of a learned single person. Since the apparatus is enormous in size it is fine as the name demonstrated. Tend not to manage this particular musical instrument as an antiquated piece of furniture. As various dangers are partaking while moving this sort of hardware you should not take the probability of contracting the assistance of an unskillful individual. 

Not you need to take the risk of moving your device all on your own. It isn't so easy to have the capacity to move these individuals about tires or to a lot of labor won't help you in however the. Piano Movers will unquestionably come to be as a flawless decision for moving your clarinet. 

However his or her suppliers can give off an impression of being a bit expensive anyway it is well worth to…

Pros & Cons of Moving to a Warmer State:

Warm weather is great – you can take long walks, go jogging in the park, go sunbathing and swim in the water or an open pool… There are so many benefits of moving to a warmer climate, plus a few disadvantages. A move is stressful enough and when you add changing the environment and the climate, you get another aspect of your move to consider before relocating. That is why before moving to a warmer weather you should be aware of its most important pros and cons so that you can take an informed decision about your move.

Pros & Cons of Warmer Climate States

Advantages to Warm Weather

Warm weather is good for your body. Lots of the organs and systems in your body function better in warm weather because of the benefits of the sun – lungs, heart, bones get stronger, the immune system is strengthened, the memory is improved, etc. Plus, the sunlight causes more of the hormones of happiness to be produced in your body, the stress hormone production decreases in the sun and melatonin, which ma…

Automobile Relocation Services – A Broker or a Mover?

Moving an automobile across country or locally is a task that takes some time to organize. Shipping your car is easy when you know what to do and when. Transporting a vehicle is a service that lots of Americans use today – whether you are moving and want to ship your auto with you, you are importing a car that is a unique make or you bought your automobile online and want to have it delivered to you, getting the automobile relocation services that you need is the answer. But how do you do it – by hiring a broker or by booking an auto moving company? What is the difference and what are the risks that these two carry? Let’s find out now!

Choose a Broker or a Carrier to Move an Automobile?

Depending on your moving deadline a few weeks before the desired moving date is a good time to begin the organization process. You need time to select a company and the company needs time to coordinate with you your automobile move. And before you sign with it, remember to check its USDOT number, its rat…

Transfer Your Office with the top Movers:

Figuring out the Best Movers for moving your office is a simple undertaking now. How hard is for you to move your work place? Gracious definitely, we provide for you the alternative of taking the assistance of the best assets you can Relocation your office is not a simple assignment as you won't have the capacity to do everything independent from anyone else r can't get the right sort of works to move the stuffs that you have got without losing them or harming them. You can attempt your level best in not harming your office effects however losing the records and other key things is certain to happen. Will you have the capacity to invest time with the individuals whom you employ for the entire day or until they wrap up all the stuffs securely.

With professional movers systems at your administration, you can unwind and stay cool without having any inconveniences considering the moving or pressing administrations. The individuals who handle your stuffs are especially instructed a…

Reposition Your Equipment With the assist of Local Movers:

The act of moving from one place to another place will happen for a variety of reasons. Some move under strain while some move for a change. To relocate from one place to another place will ask for concert of different activities. It means along with your relocation you will need your property to be moved in newer location. It is surely not possible for you to get all belongings along with your travel. Even if you do well then there is no promise that it will be transported in a safer mode and in a best condition. Hence to get your goods transmitted in a best state you must make sure to employ the service of professional movers.
Moving can take position for a longer distance and still for a shorter. Many of us think that since the move is for shorter distance within the area then the need for hiring the services of professional movers is not necessary. But this statement does not hold true as for the cause though it is for lesser distance extreme care for your goods has to be taken a…