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5 Pro Tips for Finding the Motivation to Organize Your Space:

Let’s face it. We all have that moment in our lives where we find it hard to find the motivation to clean our not-so-tidy house. If the mere thought of cleaning is already making you tired, then you’re not alone. I am even guilty of dragging myself to get everything organized in my room (yes, it happens). It’s definitely true that we find it hard to push ourselves to start, but once you do it, you will just find yourself enjoying what you are doing. Here are a few simple tips on how to get that body motivated in removing clutters spreading at home. 1. Imagine the picture of your home when it’s clean. Source: Just by the thought of having a clean and organized home can make that spirit uplifted to work and clean that messy house. You can try looking for pictures online or in the magazines to get some inspiration. You can try decorating your home just like what you see in the pictures. This will encourage you to do the thing you’re procrastinating on: to organize …

Office Mover:

Your office means a lot to you, so should your office mover. You started it from scratch with your own money and now it’s all yours. However, with today’s economy many offices must relocate to keep the business going. If this is happening to you, then finding office mover companies is quite difficult. As the saying goes, it’s hard to trust those who you do not really know. In cases like this, what is there for you to do so that you know you can trust the office movers that are going to be helping you throughout this moving process? Since this is a question many cannot answer, this blog will help you determine how you should go about hiring an office mover. Office Mover | Can Your Office Mover Be Trusted? As you research moving companies and set up one on one appointments with representatives at various moving companies, always remember to ask about the qualifications of their office movers. Though it might not seem important, you want to make sure that they can be trusted with moving …

The Pride Parade 2017:

The recent annual pride parade in New York City served as both a meaningful civil rights demonstration and an exciting celebration of love and unity. While the downtown streets were laden with rainbow flags and colorful costumes, the overall mood in the atmosphere was filled with energy and happiness. Many unique contingents and organizations marched in this year’s parade including several nonprofits, corporate partners, small businesses, and popular celebrity figures. This year, the FlatRate Moving crew was lucky enough to take part in the exciting action. During the parade hours, we arrived in pride style in our FlatRate moving truck, which was decorated in vibrant rainbow colors. As the parade route reached the Greenwich Village streets, members of our crew greeted parade goers with cold water bottles designed with pride theme labels. Not only did we enjoy the positive feedback from people as they thanked us for allowing them to stay hydrated throughout the hot day, but we loved be…

Palo Alto Movers Make It Easier For You!

Are you looking to move in the Palo Alto area in California? If so, you have found the right place! Move Pro’s is the premier moving company in the greater Sacramento and Bay Areas. We provide a full service moving platform that allows all of our moving services to be customizable to your needs. This allows us to provide services you do want with excellent care. This creates a better situation when it comes time to actually physically move all of your items. Palo Alto Moving Companies are a dime a dozen, that is why you need to do your research to be aware of what you are getting into and with who. Move Pro’s offers a wide range of services for the Palo Alto area, such as:
Residential MoversCommercial MoversStorageHome DeliverySpecialized MoversAnd Much More!Palo Alto Movers are dedicated to what they do and who they do it for. We love our customers because they are truly the life blood of our organization. We create moving solutions hand in hand with our customers to increase communic…


We try really hard to make it easy to understand what we do, but not everyone understands right away. We've created this guide to help you understand what a "regular mover" is and why we are not "them". TYPES OF MOVERS You can divide the moving industry into two groups, moving labor and full service. Elite Moving Labor is a moving labor company. Let's review what each means: Moving LaborProfessional movers without the truck. Our movers load and unload rented moving trucks, portable storage containers, freight trailers, containers, pickup trucks, etc. Essentially we provide the muscle to physically move your items and the expertise to load or unload them correctly. A moving labor company, like ours, is used if you are completing a do-it-yourself move and have rented a truck, trailer or container to transport your items.Full ServiceProfessional movers that also provide the moving truck. Yes, a full service moving company can provide just loading and unloading…

How To Have A Peaceful Thanksgiving, Even When Tensions Are High:

This year, perhaps more than ever, the world just seems on edge. No matter what your political affiliation, it seems that the divides, even within families, are too deep to heal. If you’re dreading sitting down to dinner with your family, there are a few ways to make Thanksgiving more tolerable – and they don’t have to involve wine.

Make a list of safe subjects Scan the internet for current events that aren’t political. There have to be subjects you can all agree on. Make a list of things to talk about. Talk about pleasant family memories or about the children in the family. Talk about the time you scaled that mountain, or even about rude sales clerks. In other words, talk about just about anything but politics, and Apple vs. Android (or PC). Bring props If your list of safe topics aren’t working, bring some tools. Give small gifts or bring a light-hearted game for after dinner. Karaoke can be a big hit and there are even phone apps. Bring a piece of memorabilia from an adventure you …

Minimize The Stress of Moving For Children:

When planning to move it can be a big upheaval for the entire family. Parents tend to focus on the practical problems but children will focus on all the losses that the move creates. This can be the loss of their friends or of a safe and familiar environment. The decision to move is made by the adults and the child feels powerless, which can cause distress. However when the move is planned well distress is not necessarily the outcome. Talk to your children as early as possible so they have an idea as to what is happening and why. Tell the child all about their new home and give them time to digest the news at there own pace. Children have short attention spans so prepare yourself to talk to them briefly about the move before they move on to something else. Just because your child can't decide when and where your move will be does not mean they can't participate in other ways. Include them in decorating their new rooms and let them pick out the colors. Let them help in setting…

Caring Transitions Helps Seniors Relocate Without the Stress:

Whether you’re downsizing after retirement or assisting with the relocation of an aging parent, we know that the transition can seem downright overwhelming. After all, moving from a beloved home filled with years of memories is difficult – both emotionally and physically. For seniors, this transition can be particularly stressful due to illness or a loss of independence. For this reason, I suggest hiring a certified Caring Transitionsspecialist to help make the experience as smooth as possible. Every year, thousands of people enlist a Caring Transitions specialist to assist with downsizing, moving, estate sales and everything inbetween. To learn more about Caring Transitions and what they do, take a look at our overview below. What is Caring Transitions?Founded in 2006, Caring Transitions Inc. is a Cincinnati-based franchiser with 178 locations nationwide. According to the Wall Street Journal, these franchises have served thousands of people in the past few years. The company’s service…

Moving Checklist: Interactive & Printable Moving Checklist:

Let’s face it: the home moving process can be too chaotic and disorganized to your liking. Soon enough you’ll be battling a myriad of things to do, tasks to complete, and jobs to execute. In a nutshell, you’ll have your hands pretty full, that’s for sure. Believe it or not, there’s only one fool-proof way to introduce structured order into your own home move and make it a successful one as a result: to use a detailed moving checklist and planner that will keep you informed about which task you’re supposed to do next. It’s like having a personal reminder with you throughout the move! Do yourself a favor and take advantage of this free printable moving checklist that you can also download as a PDF document to your computer, tablet or phone for easy access at any time. Wait, but there’s more: this ultimate moving checklist is also 100% INTERACTIVE, which means you can use its built-in interactivity feature to mark various moving tasks as complete right inside the browser. One more thing…