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We try really hard to make it easy to understand what we do, but not everyone understands right away. We've created this guide to help you understand what a "regular mover" is and why we are not "them". TYPES OF MOVERS You can divide the moving industry into two groups, moving labor and full service. Elite Moving Labor is a moving labor company. Let's review what each means: Moving LaborProfessional movers without the truck. Our movers load and unload rented moving trucks, portable storage containers, freight trailers, containers, pickup trucks, etc. Essentially we provide the muscle to physically move your items and the expertise to load or unload them correctly. A moving labor company, like ours, is used if you are completing a do-it-yourself move and have rented a truck, trailer or container to transport your items.Full ServiceProfessional movers that also provide the moving truck. Yes, a full service moving company can provide just loading and unloading…

Air Travel With Pets – Tips For A Seamless Journey

Taking a cross-country road trip with pets to move to your new home may seem like fun for about… two minutes? Then you realize that would mean… driving across the country. When air travel seems like the way better choice, there are some things you need to know to ensure your pet has a safe and smooth journey. Here are our tips for air travel with pets so that both of you have an enjoyable flight. Check your airline’s policies regarding animal travel Depending on the size and breed of your pet, they may be allowed to ride in the cabin with you or they will need to be transported in the cargo compartment of the plane. Most airlines have height and weight restrictions for cabin travel, but they can vary – and so can the cost of having your companion fly with you. Before the airline will allow your animal to travel, they will likely need to see proper health certificates indicating that your pet is safe to fly. If your furry companion will be traveling in the cargo area, they will need a…


Looking for a roommate to help you split the cost of expensive city rents? Finding a roommate online can be easier than it seems. There are plenty of websites out there dedicated to helping people match up with others who have the same housing needs.
CRAIGSLISTCraigslist might be the website most utilized worldwide for finding housing arrangements - even though it’s not just known for helping people find roommates. Its several categories, from “apts / housing” to “real estate for sale” and everything in between contain plethoras of posts from building managers, brokers, and would be occupants looking for an ideal match-up with someone looking for what they’re offering. The sheer volume of posts looking for roommates and visitors looking at these posts makes Craigslist a reliable site to find a roommate. Craigslist’s “rooms/shared” and “rooms wanted” sections have thousands of these posts, searchable and pre-localized to help users find the posts most relevant to them. Of course, Craigli…


Summer is in full swing and, for many this marks the beginning of their home maintenance routines. While you may have a lot of no-brainer items to tick off of your to-do list, such as checking your HVAC filters and making sure it’s not cluttered, anyone who’s looking to sell their home in the near future is going to have many other items to consider checking as well. Check out the following summer home maintenance tips to help boost the value of your home: 1. WINDOW TREATMENT One way to freshen up your home and boost a potential buyer's appeal is to simply update your windows. Updating to energy efficient, properly-sealed windows will not only lower the overall maintenance of your house, but it will add that extra bit of curb appeal too.
2. PLUMBING The bathroom and the kitchen are the two places in your home that, when it comes to plumbing and upgrades, you will see some of the biggest profits. Updating your home to have water and power efficient appliances and fixtures will not…