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Packing Tips from Your Trusted Southern California Movers:

Moving often conjures up images of throwing money down the drain and dealing with stressful, inexperienced movers. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. At Merit Moving Systems, we seek to set ourselves apart as the top residential California movers. Offering numerous moving services and seeking to truly work with you, we try to simplify moving while ensuring that you only pay budget-friendly prices. How can you avoid money traps while moving? Avoid Phone Estimates Stay away from “complete moving estimate” offered only over the phone. Estimates are great, but only when a moving company actually visits your home and provides a detailed estimate along with answering any questions and concerns. Sneaky Additional Fees and Deposits Many moving companies provide an initial moving price and then tack on additional charges after moving day, or make you submit a deposit to secure your date and then never reach out to you again. At Merit Moving Systems, we provide seamless estimates that co…


Exhausting physical labor like what goes into any moving job only gets harder in the dog days of summer. No one wants to have to carry a heavy sofa or flat screen TV in 100 degrees of heat. Summer is a particularly difficult time to move for another unrelated reason as well: summer is when demand for moving supplies and services skyrockets. American school schedules end before and begin after the summer, which means they generally need to move within the few months school is off. Oz Moving & Storage performs thousands of moves every summer - literally - and we like to think we’ve perfected the art of a summer move that hurts less than a bad sunburn. Here are the best tips we’d advise you about moving during the summer.
BOOK EARLY - EARLIER THAN YOU THINKDemand for moving supplies you’ll certainly need any services you might need will spike in the summer months, especially if you’re planning on renting them very close to the beginning or ending of a certain month. First off - center…