15 Top Realtor Blogs You Should Be Reading this 2016:

Knowledge is essential to the success of any real estate professional. Having a good grasp of what’s happening in the industry and the community will not only create a good impression on clients. It will also help you provide the best advice and services, and better prepare you for any changes in the market. Some of the best sources of information in the industry are real estate blogs, particularly those written by fellow professionals with first-hand experience in the market. Here are some of the top real estate blogs out there that can help you brush up on your knowledge – and maybe even inspire you to start your own. The BiggerPockets Blog Targeted towards would-be investors, this real estate investing blog is chock full of useful information and will give you, the real estate professional, a better idea of the kinds of questions your potential clients need answers to. Redfin Blog On their blog, Redfin features updated information about housing markets all over the country, along wi…

Houzzer Profile: Yunsong Meng, Research Engineer:

As a research engineer, Yunsong helps augment search and personalized recommendation experiences for the Houzz community. Outside of work, Yunsong enjoys spending time with his family, and looks forward to sharing his love of the outdoors with his young son.
Why did you decide to become a research engineer?I’ve always been driven by the desire to find and solve difficult challenges, a common trait among research engineers. I studied computer science in school, which led to a PhD in artificial intelligence, and a series of papers and patents on intelligent systems. I’m thrilled to bring intelligent techniques to life. What brought you to Houzz?A number of my friends were working at Houzz, two of whom I’ve known since we attended the University of Science and Technology of China together. The team was looking for someone with my unique search experience, and I was intrigued by the positive environment that I’d heard about from my friends. How would you describe what you do at Houzz?My rol…

Packing Tips from Your Trusted Southern California Movers:

Moving often conjures up images of throwing money down the drain and dealing with stressful, inexperienced movers. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. At Merit Moving Systems, we seek to set ourselves apart as the top residential California movers. Offering numerous moving services and seeking to truly work with you, we try to simplify moving while ensuring that you only pay budget-friendly prices. How can you avoid money traps while moving? Avoid Phone Estimates Stay away from “complete moving estimate” offered only over the phone. Estimates are great, but only when a moving company actually visits your home and provides a detailed estimate along with answering any questions and concerns. Sneaky Additional Fees and Deposits Many moving companies provide an initial moving price and then tack on additional charges after moving day, or make you submit a deposit to secure your date and then never reach out to you again. At Merit Moving Systems, we provide seamless estimates that co…


Exhausting physical labor like what goes into any moving job only gets harder in the dog days of summer. No one wants to have to carry a heavy sofa or flat screen TV in 100 degrees of heat. Summer is a particularly difficult time to move for another unrelated reason as well: summer is when demand for moving supplies and services skyrockets. American school schedules end before and begin after the summer, which means they generally need to move within the few months school is off. Oz Moving & Storage performs thousands of moves every summer - literally - and we like to think we’ve perfected the art of a summer move that hurts less than a bad sunburn. Here are the best tips we’d advise you about moving during the summer.
BOOK EARLY - EARLIER THAN YOU THINKDemand for moving supplies you’ll certainly need any services you might need will spike in the summer months, especially if you’re planning on renting them very close to the beginning or ending of a certain month. First off - center…

How to pack trophies when moving:

Your residential move has just been confirmed, and you’re about to take the preliminary exploration tour around your home with the purpose of deciding which household items you will take with you to the new residence, and which ones you will leave behind. You’ve read some good moving tips and you know perfectly well that moving only the things you will need in the future can save you both plenty of money and a staggering amount of time.

And it’s in that very moment that you suddenly catch a glimpse of your trophy cabinet. And no, it’s not a display of your hunting trophies from animals you’ve KILLED in the past – rather, it’s a proud display of the trophies, awards, plaques, medals, cups, and prizes you’ve WON through the years.

Now, a couple of critical questions pop up in your head with the speed of light:

1) Is it worth moving all the trophies you own?

2) How to pack trophies when moving so that they survive the relocation trip in one piece?

Read on to get familiar with the best trophy …


It’s no secret that most of us have too much stuff. Homes are just crammed with it: attics stuffed with dusty holiday decorations we never use, garages full of camping equipment and beach gear and sports paraphernalia, basements overflowing with old furniture, hand-me-downs, and heirlooms. We hardly think about all the excess junk—until it’s time to move. Then it’s clear how much more of a headache those collections of possessions will be, complicating an already long to-do list. But here at Modernize, we’re passionate about helping you make your home your sanctuary—and simplifying your move is part of the journey. If you’re willing to adjust your perspective a little, moving can be a chance for a fresh start—for your stuff as much as for you. This is your opportunity to clear out unwanted items and part with the old toys, collectibles, and everything else that no longer serves your life. Here’s how you can unpack the baggage around what you own, so you can pack up easily when it’s t…

List of Things You Need to Do 2 Days Before Moving Day:

There are just two days left before you say goodbye to your old bedroom, your old backyard where you had some great barbecues and neighborhood parties, and to the familiar sounds of your old neighborhood. Probably by now, you're ready to go, just wishing it would all be over, anticipating the new start. But hold on; are some things you need to take care of before the movers or moving truck arrives. Defrost Your Refrigerator and Freezer To prepare your fridge for moving, clean it well then allow it to dry for at least 24 hours. If you're moving your refrigerator yourself, make sure you have all the necessary tools to do so. Check to Make Sure You Have All Vital Documents Vital documents should always stay with you rather than moving with the truck or moving company. Such documents include passport (if needed), directions, maps, credit cards, bank cards, cash, new keys, rental agreement (if needed), etc... Keep All Documents Related to Your Move Within Easy Reach Make sure you …