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14 Proven Moving Day Tips that Work:

Moving day is one of the stressful days in one’s life. Many of you are now
asking the question how troublesome a moving day can be, but only people who
have already moved can understand. Usually, the moving day is underestimated, as
it is the final step of the relocation process. You have found a professional
moving company after researching a list of licensed movers, dates are booked and
everything seems to happen so effortlessly. However, moving day seems to
be the most problematic and annoying one during the whole relocation

Beware that overlooking minor details can cause a total mess. Since, as the
moving day is approaching you are getting more annoyed, you should be well
organized to avoid making a mistake. Inspired by the numerous horror stories
about the moving day, I am offering you easy to follow moving day checklist with
essentials that will safe you a lot of troubles.

Moving Day Checklist

Wake up early on the moving day.
Plan your time, so you
can get up …

4 Tips for a Money-Saving Move:

Moving into a new home and a new city is exciting. But the actual moving process? Not so much.
On top of being time consuming and a hassle, moving can be expensive, too. So take some time to plan ahead and save some cash with these tips for a money-saving move.
1. Pick the right moving method The most common ways to move including the following methods:
Hire a mover to load all your goods onto a truck, drive to your spot and move everything. This is often the most convenient option. However, it’s usually the most expensive option.Rent a moving van or truck, load it up, drive it and unload it yourself. This is the most time consuming and most labor-intensive option. But if you’re moving somewhere close by, it’s the cheapest. Just be sure to budget for gas.Load your items into a moving container yourself and have it shipped to your new area, then unload them yourself. Costs depend on how far you need to move and how long you want to keep your items in storage for. However you decide to m…

Top 10 Fix-ups to sell Your House:

From curbside to the inside, show your home at its best When you're ready to sell your home, make sure potential buyers see it at its best. Here are the top ways to fix up the appearance of your home without investing a lot of money. A little time and effort now will pay big dividends at closing.
Landscaping Trim the grass and make sure all flowerbeds are freshly mulched and free of weeds. Prune overgrown shrubs, especially if they're hiding windows or blocking the entryway.
Gutters and Fences Reinforce sagging gutters and straighten crooked fences. Make sure the gutters are cleared of obstructions and the soil isn't washed out around downspouts. A quick power washing will brighten fences.
Driveway and Walkways Clear away clutter like bikes, tools and toys. Use weed killer on grass and weeds that sprout in pavement cracks. Keep edges neat with a weed eater or edger.
Front Door Freshen the door and trim with a new coat of paint. Tighten loose doorknob…

First-time Homebuyer Mistakes:

Not Understanding Housing Market Trends:

Even with a clear idea of their own financial status -- what they can afford and how trustworthy they will appear to a lending institution -- many people fail to pay attention to the big picture. If you're anxious to buy now just because of your own financial situation or restrict yourself to a particular location, you may not see the forest for the trees.
The housing market isn't static -- it fluctuates. Sometimes it favors those looking to buy -- a buyers' market. Other times it favors those looking to sell -- a sellers' market. To understand why these shifts happen, let's look at the contributing factors, like supply and demand. Inhabitable or desirable housing can be scarce or in surplus. Low supply increases demand -- and prices -- to favor sellers. On the flip side, when supply is high and there are more houses on the market than buyers, the situation favors buyers. Other factors include interest rates, consumer confi…