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How finding a great mover took me 3 years:

Moving sucks Some research says moving counts as one of the top 5 most stressful things you can do.  I believe it.
I’d like tell you a story – a story of how I spent 3 years finding a great mover.
First, some background.  I moved more than 15 times in my life.  Early on, I would move myself.   As I acquired more stuff and got a bit older, I hired movers.    Every single time I tried to find a mover online, I thought to myself, “wow, moving is the industry the internet forgot about.”   Why could I not search movers?  Why could I not read verified reviews? Why could I not see photos of movers, or get any info on them at all?
When you search for other things online, reviews, prices, photos, and other great information guides you to an informed decision.   I wanted an Amazon, or Orbitz, or Tripadvisor, or, or HomeFinder for moving.   Heck, I would have settled for a list of licensed movers in my area.    Instead, I constantly ran into a blind lead form – one that asked for all o…

The many uses of plastic containers:

The 'future is plastics' is a famous line from a movie that was created in the 1960's. This is true for many business people and consumers who are putting more plastic into their lives than ever before. One of the major reasons that plastic remains a stalwart part of the storage industry is that new technology allows plastic to be greener while still maintaining the positive features that most people have come to enjoy. Here are some different ways that plastic can help you make an impact for your storage needs in your home or business: Kitchen StorageMost restaurants and commercial kitchens are fastidious about keeping their work areas clean. By switching to plastic, you can not only keep your perishables and dry goods safe from the elements, you can also ensure that the container that they are stored in will not degrade or decay. One company tested an olive oil for kitchen use over a two year period. After one and a half years of storage, the humidity from the kitchen creat…