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Walnut Creek: Safeway, residents' group settle over The Orchards project:

Opponents of a new Safeway development in eastern Walnut Creek agreed to drop a lawsuit in exchange for $125,000 from the grocery giant. In July, a group called Friends of Walnut Creek filed a lawsuit in Contra Costa Superior Court against Safeway; its development company, PDC; and the city of Walnut Creek, challenging the environmental impact report and approval of The Orchards. Already under construction, The Orchards is a 24-acre project at the intersection of Ygnacio Valley and Oak Grove roads set to include a new 55,000-square-foot Safeway store and other shops, plus open space and senior housing. The City council approved the project June 17. The crux of the group's argument was that the city illegally committed to the project before the public could offer its opinions and that the environmental impact report failed to address serious project impacts such as how the opening of a new Safeway store would affect the nearby Nob Hill supermarket and the effect on the neighborhoo…

When is Shipping via Enclosed Transport Worth the Extra Money?

For the majority of people, shipping a car via an enclosed carrier is not worth the extra cost, typically 25%-40% more. While shipping via an open carrier exposes your vehicle to the elements, the likelihood of any damage is low. However, there are instances in which people do choose pay the extra money. The types of vehicles that are most often shipped via enclosed transport include: Restored antique cars (e.g. 1957 Chevy, 1938 Ford Coupe) High-end sports cars (e.g. Maserati, Lamborghini) Luxury vehicles (e.g. Rolls Royce, Bentley) While most auto transport companies do offer enclosed shipping, you may want to look into companies that specialize in transporting high-end or classic vehicles, if that is the type of car you will be shipping. Visit the Enclosed Auto Transportsection of to see a list of these specialized auto transport companies. Ultimately, whether you choose to ship via an open or enclosed carrier is up to you. Even if your car ddoesn'tnecessarily fit w…