5 Pro Tips for Finding the Motivation to Organize Your Space:

Let’s face it. We all have that moment in our lives where we find it hard to find the motivation to clean our not-so-tidy house. If the mere thought of cleaning is already making you tired, then you’re not alone.
I am even guilty of dragging myself to get everything organized in my room (yes, it happens). It’s definitely true that we find it hard to push ourselves to start, but once you do it, you will just find yourself enjoying what you are doing. Here are a few simple tips on how to get that body motivated in removing clutters spreading at home.

1. Imagine the picture of your home when it’s clean.

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Just by the thought of having a clean and organized home can make that spirit uplifted to work and clean that messy house. You can try looking for pictures online or in the magazines to get some inspiration. You can try decorating your home just like what you see in the pictures. This will encourage you to do the thing you’re procrastinating on: to organize your house.

2. Think about the happiness it will make you feel when you’re done cleaning it.

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That’s the thing that we can never neglect. Being in an organized space will make you happier. Aside from that, it will also make you more productive when your place is tidy. It is proven that the more cluttered and untidy your place is, the more stressed and unenthusiastic you will become for the rest of the day.

3. Do the chores that you do not do every day first.

We all sweep the floor every day. We wash our dishes every day. And most importantly we cook our food every day. Try something that would excite you, something that you do not do every day.
For an instance, you’re living in a huge house in an exclusive subdivision in Houston and you want to clean your windows first. Sometimes, you would be needing the service of a company who offers window cleaning in Houston. However, sometimes you can skip calling them and do the chore on your own. By doing this, it will make you more energized and excited about doing it for the first time.

4. Invite some of your friends to visit your place.

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When you lose the inspiration to even touch the broom and sweep the floor, this tip will make you stand on your feet and get that body cleaning. Invite your friends to come over. You will surely have the courage to clean your space and save yourself from being embarrassed by letting them see an organized pad.

5. Buy a new thing for your house.

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I know everyone has this moment in their lives. You know, when you buy a new flower vase and you clean the entire house for you to see if it fits and complements everything in your place. You will surely want to give that new decoration a place that it deserves, and with this in mind, it will surely give you the drive to clean up your messy pad.
Finding the drive to organize an almost impossible-to-clean room is surely a difficult thing. But if you have reasons to clean your place, it would surely be doable. Yes, starting the task is hard but when you start doing it, you will not even notice that you’re almost done.
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