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We move to a new home or location for all number of different reasons, not all of which are because the entire family wants to go. Oftentimes a move is forced because of financial or career issues, which may lead to some members of the household being less than happy. The first person you need to consider is your spouse or partner and how a move will affect them. For example, if you are moving because you have been offered a new position, a discussion should take place before the job is even accepted. This is especially true if you partner has a career of their own that will be affected by a move to a new area.

Adults are more likely to be accepting of a move for the above reason, but kids may not be as understanding. Moving to another place is not something that should be dropped on your young ones at the last minute. Like you, they will have formed bonds and friendships that are going to be very difficult to leave. They are also likely to have a number of real fears and concerns about moving that go beyond just moving away from their best friends.

Children really should be involved in the moving process every step of the way. That doesn’t mean giving them a vote on whether or not to move, as that is a decision that is reserved for the adults. The location of the new home is something that could be given a voice in, as should the choice of school. Taking your kids to the new location and allowing them to scout out potential homes and schools will make them feel as though they are involved in the process and not simply being pulled along.

Another thing to consider is the family pet, especially if you are moving across state or to another country altogether. There may very well be quarantine laws in place when moving to another country, and you need to do some due diligence about what is available for your pet in and around your new home. If you are renting, you will want to make sure the new home is pet friendly. Also, take some time to research vets in your areas, as well as places where you can walk you dog and make him feel like home. Remember, he is a part of the family, too.

The goal when moving with an extended family is to try and avoid hurt feelings as much as is humanly possible. Maintaining an open dialog and keeping everyone in the loop is the best way to do that. If you have senior members of the family living with you, don’t just assume that they will handle the move easily because they are adults. It can actually be more difficult for them, as they may have stronger attachments to the area. Always include them in the conversation and listen to any and all feedback that they may have.


  1. I had to make this decision a few years ago when I picked up my family and moved them from Providence to California. It was a hard one, but the best one for me and my family.


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