There can be no denying that moving from one home to another is always something that delivers some level of stress. It’s tough to admit, but if we are going to be perfectly honest with ourselves, we bring on a lot of that stress on our own. The highest level of anxiety usually comes with packing side of the move, which is the one thing that is almost always left to the last minute. What’s ironic is that all of the other details are deemed worthy enough to be planned weeks or months in advance, yet arguably the most important part of the whole process is left to the very end.

If you know that you are going to move in the near future and have some time before it takes place, why not start packing now? While it may seem odd to be boxing things up when the moving truck isn’t due for months, you will be glad you did it when the big day finally arrives. The big question you have at this point is where to begin, and the answer is in fact quite simple. Start packing up those items that are not essential or used on a daily basis.

For example, if the seasons are about to change, don’t just hang your current clothes back in the wardrobe. Get them packed up and ready to go, as you will not be needing them between now and the move. The same rules apply to household items that are nothing more than ornamental or there for aesthetic purposes. Instead of trying to impress visitors with your cunning sense of design style, get our home down to the bare bones and ready to move out. If you have the space, such as a basement or garage, try to store all the packed items in the same spot so that moving them will be easier when the truck does arrive.

Something else that you might consider, assuming your moving budget can stretch that far, is renting out a storage unit close to your new property. You can then move boxes over as you pack and have them close to your new spot, just waiting to be picked up when you move. This can actually be a good idea if you have larger pieces of furniture and the like which is taking up a ton of space and making it hard for you to work and pack in your home.

The one thing you should keep in mind when you pack in advance is that not everything has to come with you. Starting early means having time to really evaluate what is essential and what isn’t. Cleaning out the clutter is a great way to make your move that much easier. You might even consider having a garage sale for all that old stuff, the proceeds of which can go towards packing supplies or paying for that much needed storage space.



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