Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

Plastic pollution is one of the leading causes of marine pollution. In fact, 100,000 turtles and marine mammals are killed by plastic every year around the world.

Whether it is plastic chemicals or micro-plastic, it is affecting not only marine and terrestrial life but human life as well. There is enough plastic to constitute for approximately 90% of all trash floating in our oceans and filling up landfills as I write this. This can stop. 

What can we do to reduce the amount of plastic material going into the ocean and landfills? If you can't stop your use all together, then reuse! These DIY projects all include plastic that can spruce up your home and protect our planet. 
Use the bottoms of plastic soda/water bottles to create a one of a kind chandelier.
  • Cut the bottoms off each bottle so you're left with the bodies and the necks.
  • Cut the neck off two of the bottles and combine them so it makes a thicker bottle.
  • It takes three bottles to create just one broom. 
  • Insert the bottle you left the neck on inside of the two "neckless" bottles, and stick the shaft of the broom inside of it.
  • Cut the body into 1 inch wide ribbons all the way around.
Jewelry stand
You are going to need a threaded metal dowel rod, washers, and nuts for this project. The number of bottles, washers, and nuts you need depends on how many layers you want your jewelry stand to have.
  • You'll need the bottoms of plastic bottles for this project as well.
  • Drill a hole in the center of each plastic bottom, and stick the dowel rod in the center and secure with washer and nut. Your jewelry stand is now ready to use!
 Animal planters
  • For this project, you are going to need plastic bottles (as many as you want) and animal ear stencils.
  • First, cut your plastic bottles in half.
  • Then, using a stencil of any animal ears, cut the ears into the bottle. Cut all the way around, so that the tallest part on the plastic is the ears.
  • Paint the plastic to look like your animal, and stick your potted plant in the planter.
  • You can hang the planter from anywhere, or stick it in your windowsill. 


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