Smooth Move: Packing your stuff in preparation of moving day:

I recently wrote a page on my website for clients to read after having shown up one too many times to a person's house who had previously expressed concern for the time / cost they feared the move would take - and yet were totally unprepared when I got there.

My girlfriend suggested that this information would help many people, even those who don't hire me (I assume it is because you don't live in the area, so I forgive you).

In my 5 1/2 years of experience, I have found that a small, one-person, studio apartment move can take anywhere from 30 minutes all the way to 4 hours, all with the same amount of total stuff.

It all comes down to preparation.

Step 1: Pack everything in advance!!

Picture of Pack everything in advance!!
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Do not try to pack on the day of the move!

Do not pack just the "main things" - literally everything that you don't need to use the next morning should packed (at least) the night before; otherwise, expect to be making extra trips on your own to get all the little stuff.

Any furniture which will not fit through the door or down the stairs (i.e. bed frames, large tables with removable legs, etc) should be disassembled in advance.


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