Home Staging Tips To Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger:

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When listing your home on the market, a small kitchen would definitely put you at the back of the line in the competition. Sometimes, home buyers even walk away regardless of how great the rest of the house may be. So if your kitchen feels cramped, looks cluttered, and seems uncomfortable to work in, you are throwing away your chance at making that sale.
If you want to find a solution for your small kitchen but unwilling to knock off a wall, there are tricks that you can do to create an impression of a bigger space with few home staging tricks.
Here are effective home staging tips to make your kitchen look bigger according to About Home:
Look to light and neutral colors
Choose a light color for your small kitchen to help reflect light which enhances the sense of space and make the area seem bigger. When doing variations, try to stick to the same color family. By painting everything from cabinetry to counter tops, and walls to ceilings in the same color, you will create a seamless space without any boundaries or edges to stop the eye. Plus it's a wise choice when staging your home for sale as most people respond positively to light neutral colors.
Replace cabinet doors with glass
Replace your solid cabinet doors with glass to allow the eye to travel through to the back into the depths of the cabinets and make walls feel farther away. But, make sure to keep the inside of the cabinets color coordinated and orderly or you will just make the already small kitchen feel crowded.
Bring more natural light into your kitchen
It's all about tricking the eyes and brain into thinking that the area is bigger. One way to do that is by letting a lot of natural light in. Keep your window treatment simple and minimal to maximize the amount of light that gets in.
Use smaller scale furniture in dining and kitchen spaces
A small kitchen demands furniture with small footprints. So, choose stools, tables, and bar chairs that are visually lightweight such as the ones with open metal legs or glass top. Clean lines will not distract the eye while letting you see through the floor and walls beyond. 
Keep visual clutter to a minimum
Home staging is the perfect opportunity to assess your kitchen items and categorize items you rarely use or have duplicates of. Clearing off the counter tops, windowsills, and upper cabinet tops will instantly make your kitchen look bigger. It would also help to get rid of your old-fashioned ornate cabinet pulls or heavy corbels. Changing them to metal modern cabinet fronts will not only keep your kitchen fuss free, it also makes it look and feel open.  


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