Handy Tips After Moving In:

  1. Organizing Your Home After a Move
  2. Wow the NeighborsCome by with a gift basket, throw a dinner party, or just drop by to say hi – whatever your style, there’s nothing more important when moving homes than getting the neighbors on your side. One of the things that makes you feel truly comfortable in your new home is how comfortable you feel with the people in your neighborhood.
  1. Locate Your Nearest Coffee ShopIn fact, this should probably be number 1 on the list, pre-neighborly preparation. This is the 21st century, and no potentially awkward social situation should go decaffeinated!
  1. Find a Local Cleaner You Can TrustYou’re in, you’re unpacked, the neighbors are coming around – now you need to make the place spotless! While finding a really good local cleaner used to be a challenge, now Handy fixes this all for you in under 60 seconds! Book online or on the app for a fully vetted cleaner to come as soon as you need.
  1. Do Your IKEA RunLike it or not, no move in is complete without that all too painful trip to IKEA. Take a deep breath, plan the trip and kit yourself out with the essentials. *And don’t forget to give Handy a shout if you need a Handyman to help you assemble your brand new furniture.
  1. Order Delivery!And….. relax! Moving is exhausting work, so give yourself a break from cooking for your first night home at home. Forget that mountain of flyers and leaflets on the doormat though – just go online to find the best food in your area.


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