How to Disassemble and Pack a Pool Table

Allow me to state the obvious: Pool tables are big.
Slate pool tables can weigh anywhere from 300 to 900 pounds, so unless you’re super-human, moving one is not something that can be done alone.
If you’re moving a pool table, my first advice would be to get a professional to prepare, load, and unload it for you. A great place to start is with a local pool table and billiard sales company in your area – they’ll be experts at leveling it, and may be able to load and/or unload it for you as well.  
If that’s not an option (maybe there’s not a pool table sales location in your area, or you’re moving last minute), and you have to move it yourself, consider these things:
  • Because most pool tables are bigger than the doorway (and too heavy to carry in one piece) it will need to be disassembled before moving.
  • Each table is unique, so we highly recommend referring to the instructions that came with the table. If you don’t have them, check with the manufacturer.
    (Tip: Taking pictures at each step of disassembly may also make it easier to put back together)
  • If you don’t think you’ll be able to re-assemble it, don’t disassemble it (get a professional).


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